The Forest Terrace Heights communities commence at the corner of 98 Avenue and Fulton Ravine. Following the ravine north to the river, west to the river bank (excluding the Riverside Golf Course), south to 98 Avenue, and east to Fulton Ravine. 

Forest Heights follows the winding green curves of the North Saskatchewan River Valley figure prominently. Four bridges provide access to North Edmonton, while area business is concentrated on the roads which bound the vicinity. Built in the 1950s, Forest Heights has grown into a mature and stable community.

Terrace Heights is located on land identified by the first river lot and township surveys of the Edmonton Settlement as part of River Lots 31 and 33 and a quarter section of land held by D. McLeod. McLeod was a Hudson Bay Company employee, turned sawmill operator, who, in 1883, pioneered regular weekly stagecoach travel between Edmonton and Calgary. In effect, the Terrace Heights neighbourhood is two quiet single-unit residential areas separated by a high density residential and commercial corridor along 101 Avenue.



Our Vision

To provide a diverse-based community forum that collectively supports all residents of the Forest Terrace Heights Community. In building effective relationships and establishing a friendly, safe, healthy, and attractive neighbourhood where citizens can continue to be proud.

Our Mission

  • Playing a proactive, leadership role in listening to the needs of residents, identifying issues, and implementing positive, community-based solutions

  • Reaching out to all residents and welcoming their involvement

  • Fostering effective relationships among neighbours and community stakeholders

  • Offering a representative voice for Forest Terrace Heights residents on relevant matters that affect the community or the City at large

  • Providing an attractive, comfortable building that allows for affordable, diverse use by all age groups within the community; while still ensuring enough income is being generated to upkeep and maintain the facilities

  • Advocating access to high quality public spaces that may be used for a wide range of social and recreational purposes (e.g. nicely landscaped, well-kept grounds)

  • Sponsoring community-oriented and economical recreational, social, and leisure facilities and programs that are identified and supported by residents

  • Organizing a few select major events during the year that bring the community together; and,

  • Being good stewards of available resources and accessing sustainable revenue streams

For more information, please e-mail info@forestterrace.org.

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