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Since our founding in 2000, Forest Terrace Heights Community League has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re proud of the diversity of our volunteers and their ability to contribute their own experiences and skills to our success.


If you are interested in volunteering in a board position, or want to bring your own idea, event, or program to the community, please contact us at See position descriptions below.



Jeffrey -

Vice President

Kathleen -


Kerry -


Michelle -


Bingo Director

Denver -

Building Maintenance Director

Simon -


Casino Director

Anna -



Events Director

Molly -

Garden Director

Andrea -

Grants Director

Jane -

Hall Rental Director

Connie -

Memberships Director

Sonya -

Neighborhood Watch Director - CURRENTLY RECRUITING!


News Director

Meagan -

Programs Director

Sarah -



Signs Director

Anj -

Soccer Director

Leslie -

Social Media Director

Ed -

South East Community League Association (SECLA) Representative

Connie -

Website Director

Trevor -

Directors At Large

Jeremy -

Allison -

Board Volunteer Opportunities

Civics Director

The Civics Director:

  • monitors the civic concerns of the neighborhood relating to civic governance, including: transportation, new development and infill, land use bylaw changes, permit variances, and similar municipal issues

  • serves as a liaison with the municipal and provincial government, coordinates submissions and inquiries, and represents the community league at events and consultations relating to planning and development

  • reports to the Board on matters relating to development in the neighborhood

  • works with neighbors, property owners/developers, community groups and the City of Edmonton to ensure best practices for planning and development are being met

  • chairs the Civics Committee and is responsible for providing a report of the business of the Civics Committee as needed or requested by the Board

Neighborhood Watch Director

  • acts as the neighborhood watch community representative with the goal of making our neighborhood safer and preventing crime

  • utilize resources and action as desired and available from the Edmonton Neighborhood Watch

Rink Director

  • ensures rinks are in good condition, including all the equipment required for maintenance

  • Participates in rink maintenance activities, or sources these duties elsewhere

  • hires rink attendants and outlines responsibilities for any rink attendant

  • manages complaints and ensures the rink schedules are acceptable

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